Friday, March 30, 2012

Dragon Tattoo Design For Hot Girls

Sexy, Dragon, Tattoo, Design. Dragon Tattoo Design For Hot Girls
Dragon tattoos are drawn differently in various parts of the world and got different meanings at different regions throughout the world. So, before you could get one done, be sure that the meaning matches what you have in mind. Dragons are known for its powerful and commanding spirit; showing its supremacy over the rest of the creatures in the world. But in countries like Japan and China, dragons are best known for its friendly and benign nature and still powerful. The Japanese emperor of all generations used dragons has their symbols. In china, dragons are said to bring good fortune and luck, and are considered to depict happiness and cheerfulness. In the west, dragons are considered as something that is atrocious and fuming. Apart from all this, dragons always are meant to depict the majestic and powerful nature of its design.
Dragon tattoos looks sexy and hot if it is done on the entire back. Getting a huge and a powerful dragon; tattooed on the entire back gives you a self esteem. Mostly dragons look good if they are medium to large in size. If u want a small dragon tattoo then, you might has well go for something that looks good even when small like butterfly tattoos.