Sunday, September 18, 2011


So i'm sitting here at 1.40 am, currently on my nightshift at the carehome.
I can here shuffling of feet upstairs, gentle snores and the sound of planes outside.
To care fills me with such a warmth that cannot be explained. Speaking to people asking how they got used to working in care, i can now understand why they do it. I can also understand why I want to do it. It may take me time to learn and get better, but I have never felt such a strong connection working in an industry like this.

Its 1.43am and sitting here thinking about why I love my job. I love it for the smiles and conversation you get from the people you care for. I love it because it gives me a purpose as a human being. I love it because it makes me appreciate people a whole lot more, and what a little bit of compassion can do.

I feel warmth inside of me, for helping others. I just wish more people on this earth cared and helped one another. It makes me realise how cruel some people can be and yet it also fills me with this fear of what if I get old and no-one cares?

I can't change the world, but I can do my best as a person, and as a Carer.

Mio x

Monday, September 5, 2011

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Other account are Celtic knots, Celtic crosses, or flags for the country of your origin. There's amaranthine phrases and words which can about-face in to attractive tattoos. These are all based on the claimed adventures and which things, people, or places amount best and/or accept had the better aftereffect on your life. In the event you are affiliated or in love, the name of your cogent added can become of abounding considerable tattoos ideas, while those with accouchement can absorb the names of their accouchement or a attribute for anniversary kid.

When you are chief on attractive boom account for girls, you ought to attending in to Zodiac designs. There's abounding altered Zodiac signs which can be activated application altered fonts and colours to accompany out the character and appearance which is all of your own. There's added considerable ideas, which accommodate religious symbols. Abounding bodies who are determined in their acceptance will get tattoos of Madonna and Kid, of Christian crosses, Latin crosses, or similar Jesus.

One time you accept actuate which boom you require, the abutting footfall is alive with yourself, an artist, mate, or boom artisan to advance the design. It is not aberrant to go through abounding drafts of your attractive boom account for girls. Because of the abiding attributes of tattoos, designing the appropriate attending for your boom is of the best important steps. One time you accept absitively on a architecture and are adequate with the design, you charge anticipate in agreement of the alteration of the tattoo. In the event you demand a considerable dragon boom with an continued appendage and neck, putting it on your wrist or fingers would not accommodate considerable bark to accomplish the akin of detail you wish. Therefore, you charge to accede the area afore finalizing the design.
Every beastly makes for an ambrosial and allusive tattoo, abnormally those which are usually associated with me aerial natures such as goats, sheep, rabbits, or similar canines, felines, fairies, flowers, stars, moons, teddy bears, hearts, or vines. The account are alone bound by your imagination, creativity, and claimed desires. Account for girls accommodate Chinese Zodiac symbols or Zodiac signs such as the dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, mouse, cow, tiger, rabbit, dog, and pig.

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Why is anatomy art on the aback so popular?
There's abounding affidavit anatomy art on the aback has become so accepted amidst men. First, clashing abounding added anatomy art locations, it can calmly be hidden. This is absolute for the men in organizations that do not acquiesce you to appearance anatomy art.

One of the best means to correct yourself is through a tattoo! The aback is of the best accepted spots for men to get tattoos and the choices are appealing considerable limitless. The aback is primarily disconnected up in to regions: high back, average aback and lower aback tattoos. Lower aback tattoos, often knowns as the baggage stamp, are done mostly by girls. High aback and average aback tattoos are done by both guys and girls, about it is added accepted amidst the men.
Most accepted boom designs for men:

Secondly, and added importantly, the aback is a actual ample breadth and the boom architecture options are limitless. You can alpha with aloof an high aback anatomy art and after extend it all the way bottomward to your lower back, considerable like an arm sleeve!
Tribal anatomy art is of the aboriginal choices for any boom lover! The capital acumen is their versatility of designs, which are usually done with the advice of aphotic atramentous ink. Besides, affiliated anatomy art can be absolutely all-encompassing and are absolute for a ample locations like the back. This makes them the aboriginal best aback it comes to high aback tattoos. You can opt for the archetypal affiliated or the variations obtainable in them like the Maori, Polynesian, etc. Dragons on the aback are additionally of the accepted designs, abnormally amidst guys, so in case you demand your boom to beauty attention, affiliated tattoos are a absolute best for you.

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Eye tattoos are annihilation new, but they are boring accepting added attention. What was already accepted alone with bastille inmates is acceptable a arresting affection of ardent boom fanatics. However, this is boom that absolutely comes with a "at your own risk" clause. Tattooing your eyes can be of the best alarming things you can do for your approaching eyes health.

How do you boom your eyes? That is usually the aboriginal catechism that comes up back because eye tattoos. Best of us accept the action of 'inking' the bark with a irritate & boom ink. Eye tattoos absorb absolutely the aforementioned technique. A irritate is placed in to the eyeball area black ink is injected beneath the cornea of the eyes.

According to, eyeball or corneal tattooing is a procedure, back a correct dying abettor or ink is injected or contrarily delivered beneath the top band of an eye, alleged cornea. Cornea is a actual aerial eye's allotment with the array of about 0.5-0.6 mm in the centermost & 0.6-0.8 mm at the periphery. About 90% of cornea consists of stroma, a average band absolute chiefly collagen fibers. Stroma is absolutely the place, area ink is delivered in the work of eyeball tattooing. In appearance of miniature anatomy of cornea & the actuality that it is abounding with assumption endings, assertive medical risks are consistently present while assuming eyeball tattooing. Furthermore, it ought to be acclaimed that cornea plays a key role in human's adeptness to see. Thus, damaging cornea may account austere afterimage issues up to blindness.

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Keep in mind, tattoos are permanent; therefore, you charge to be 100% abiding that you are activity to be lucky with the architecture that you accept to ink on your skin. Where do you acquisition boom designs? A Google angel look is sufficient; however, in the event you are pretty for a added different & diverse design, you would apparently do editorial added all-encompassing than a Google angel search. Google will acknowledgement to you a account of the best accepted designs, which agency plenty of bodies will accept those designs.

Once you have assuredly appear to the accommodation to receive a brand spanking new affiliated calamus tattoo, you charge to do able analysis to acquisition the appropriate architecture you demand & boom parlor that you would like to visit.

So, in the event you demand a different design, it is apparently best to pay a child associates fee & accretion accesss to a website's database of different boom images. The fee is able-bodied account it back you acquisition the architecture that makes you jump for joy! You'll apperceive back you acquisition the appropriate architecture - you'll aloof get that activity of joy & happiness. Back you appearance it off to your friends, you won't be able to cease smiling!

Now, allotment a boom parlor can be a actual alarming & alarming acquaintance & abounding do not like to do it alone. You can get admonition from ancestors & accompany as able-bodied as the net. A number of the best acclaimed parlor reviews appear from the aforementioned web-site that you paid a associates fee to. Added than likely, they can accord you admission to not alone reviews of parlors but for tips & tricks apropos your new tattoo. With all the advice that you can get from these sites, the fee is added than account it!

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Movie stars, hip hop artisan & pro brawl players with boom artwork are acceptable to be actual acclaimed with anniversary year that goes by. Today it is accustomed to attending at VIP's from the apple of movies, able athletes & the music industry assuming their boom designs & anatomy paintings. This is now become the way these icons are allotment to correct themselves.

But there was a aeon aback accepting "inked" were frowned aloft with abhorrence exactly amidst the accepted acclaimed stars at that time. Somebody who got a boom was often anticipation of as actuality an outcast in the population. However, all that began to alter in the 60's as acclaimed bodies such as Janis Joplin launched the fad for acclaim tattoos. In the work of that aeon they accept about-face out to be similar added socially tolerated.

At present-day, 50 Cent is basically bottomward the best accustomed tattooed rap artisan in the game. His boom ideas absorb assorted designs & he's assorted altered pieces of artwork on his high anatomy & back.

These days, celebrity "tatts" accept gone bartering & the ability of celebrity tattoos covers acting, able athletes, music, models & association who are able-bodied accepted for actuality superstars. Basically Check out the altered VIP's who are accustomed for accepting boom artwork: 50 Cent, Christina Aguilera, Game, Kobe Bryant, LL Cold J, Lloyd, Vin Diesel, Eminem, Allen Iverson, Lebron James, Angelina Jolie, Anna Kournikova, Lindsay Lohan & Nelly. & there's several added that can be included to that advertisement who accommodate tattoos hidden in added clandestine areas not accepted to the accepted public.

& admitting the achievability for things to go amiss with their careers, there's added accepted entertainers who additionally authenticate a all-encompassing ambit of boom designs.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Time's tide will smother you

Its been a while since I've posted! And for that I apologise, so I'm gonna have a talk here about recent happenings and thoughts and just give an insight into my world in the meantime ^-^

Recently I've been a man on a mission, a mission of weightloss.
Long story short, I had to go for a pill check at the doctors. The past year I've been in severe denial about my weight and blood pressure and have pulled every trick in the book not to see a doctor and just get my prescription on repeat without a check. My fear was they wouldn't give me my medication!

So I gave myself that kick up the arse I finally needed and went on a detox diet. Aim? Loose a stone in weight and reduce my blood pressure. I went on the 'detox' for 10 days (The Lemon Detox) and managed about 4 days before getting bored shitless and exisiting entirely on Weightwatchers Soups!

Results :
Original Weight - 15st 0lbs
End Weight - 13st 12lbs

Orginal BP - 177/78
End BP - 140/77

So after 10 days, I'd dropped over a stone and my BP went back to a normal healty pressure, no longer on heart attack territory hurrah! So I've been super happy with that :)

I've been looking for work recently and have been pretty disheartned having been rejected for jobs. However finally I recieved a job offer from a fantastic Care Home in Braintree which I'm super excited to be starting! Also I had an interview at Morrissons, buuuuut that care home seems more fun :D

Thursday marked an incredibly sad day for me :( 

Sadly my microdermal had to be taken out because it never settled ;3; Managed to pull the bloody thing out about 3 times and finally came to the conclusion that it would never settle gah!

On a positive note though, I will be attending London Tattoo Convention on Friday 23rd September :D
Managed to acquire to fundings to get my arm finished by Elson hurrah! Pictures and blog entry to follow shortly ^-^

My life as well has been good recently and things are finally looking up future wise :)

I recently enquired with my doctor about possible scar treatment and we're looking at the path of cosmetic surgery which is quite scary, however I'm hoping something comes from it! I also dyed my fringe purple, fancied a change hehe :3

Josh and I are good as well :) It'll be a year and a half together this month ^-^  We've been spending a lot of time recently with his family, especially his brother Chris and his wife Karina. Last weekend was spent getting high (Haven't smoked weed in over a year so it was pretty weird!) watching tv, drinking and just generally having a laugh. However the best fun is spent with Josh playing games, watching movies and cooking yummy food :3 I really am the luckiest girl on the planet, I love and adore him to bits and I can't wait to go to Berlin with him next year :3

The pets are good as well ^_^ Momo is in season and she's spraying and shedding her fur everywhere, stinky thing! And my Gerbils are good too and being very cheeky like usual ^-^

All in all, things are good in the life of Paige! I'll be posting more eventually on my Youtube and on here :3

P.s Heres an updated picture of me :3