Monday, March 14, 2011

Uma foto Legal

"Difícil fotografar o silêncio.

Entretanto tentei. Eu conto:
Madrugada, a minha aldeia estava morta. Não se via ou ouvia um barulho, ninguém passava entre as casas. 
Eu estava saindo de uma festa,.
Eram quase quatro da manhã. 
Ia o silêncio pela rua carregando um bêbado. 
Preparei minha máquina.
O silêncio era um carregador?
Estava carregando o bêbado.
Fotografei esse carregador.
Tive outras visões naquela madrugada. 
Preparei minha máquina de novo. 
Tinha um perfume de jasmim no beiral do sobrado. 
Fotografei o perfume. 
Vi uma lesma pregada na existência mais do que na pedra.
Fotografei a existência dela.
Vi ainda um azul-perdão no olho de um mendigo. 
Fotografei o perdão. 
Olhei uma paisagem velha a desabar sobre uma casa. 
Fotografei o sobre.
Foi difícil fotografar o sobre. 
Por fim eu enxerguei a nuvem de calça.
Representou pra mim que ela andava na aldeia de braços com maiakoviski – seu criador. 
Fotografei a nuvem de calça e o poeta. 
Ninguém outro poeta no mundo faria uma roupa
Mais justa para cobrir sua noiva.
A foto saiu legal."

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Alergia a doces

"Still these allergies remain

My hand can't touch a guitar string
My fingers just burn and ache
My head intercedes with my bodily needs
And my body won't give it a break
My heart can stand a disaster
My heart can take a disgrace
But my heart is allergic
To the women I love
And it's changing the shape of my face

Open up it's me again
I go to a famous physician
I sleep in the local hotel
From what I can see of the people like me
We get better
But we never get well
So I ask myself this question
It's a question I often repeat
Where do allergies go
When it's after a show
And they want to get something to eat?

Soul music

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mio's Mods - Where I get them done

A lot of people ask me where I get my mods done and honestly I've been modded all over Essex and London!

My earlier piercings were done in a dodgy shop underage in London, however for the better of my mods heres a list + contact details for what I consider to be some of the best and inspiring mod artists around :D

Mettle Nettle
136 Springfield Rd
Chelmsford CM2 6LF
01245 600 133
Piercer Name - Nettie

I've been going to Netties since I was 14, she was the person who did a lot of my beginner piercings and a few of my complicated ones.
As a piercer, she is incredibly funny and professional and offers a fantastic service! Her prices are reasonable and its advisable to book in advanced :)
Piercings done there
  • Bridge
  • Tongue
  • Tongue Surface
  • Nape Surface x 2
Liana's Body Piercing Studio 
1 Red Lion Yard,
As a piercer, Liana is one of the best there is hands down. Not only is she professional, she is also funny and fantastic at making you feel at ease! I've been going to her since I was 17 and have had quite a few of my mods done there that I love to bits. She is definitely worth going too!  
Piercings done there -
  • Bridge (re-pierce)
  • Nipples x 2
  • Naval
  • Skindivers x 2
  • Lower Labret
  • Tongue Venoms
  • Tragus

Cosmic Tattoo
Unit 2 Portal Precinct,
Sir Isaacs Walk,
Essex CO1 1JJ Tel: 01206 575158

Hands down, one of the friendliest and versatile shops I have ever been too! They have brilliant artists on the team who are each different in style so you're guaranteed to find someone who suits you perfectly! I've been there for quite a lot of my tattoos now and honestly I wouldn't go to any other shop for my work :D Check out their website -
Tattoos done there -
Pinky -
Drowning girl on my arm
Protege Moi on back
Sim -
Butterflies on Leg
Butterfly Touchup on Neck

Elson Yeo
thINK Tattoo
You can find him on FB and
By far one of the most talented tattoo artists I've met. He came up with a beautiful design for my arm which I love so much! He's friendly and creative and I would recommend him to anyone wanting a memorable piece on them.
He attends tattoo conventions in the UK so its best to book with him!

Sé Velha - Coimbra